British music since the 1960s

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Rock and pop : Why are the British so good?
british music

For such a small country, Britain has an extraordinary influence on the world's musical tastes (goûts). One in five of all records sold in the world has some British contribution;either in the songwriting, the musicians or the production. That's a lot of talent to come from just 1% of the planet's population. And yet, until the 1960s, the country had no great musical tradition. then came four ordianray boys from Liverpool writing their own hits and showing no respect for the past. They were called The Beatles and their sense of fun and independence revolutionized British music.
Music became the most important means (moyen) of expression for young people. The emotions and attitudes of the nation's youth have since created a whole series of musical movements and subcultures.


We have studied in class a few British subcultures or street styles like the Mods and the rockers. These two groups were very different. They were famous for their bank holiday fights on the beaches of Brighton. Here is a video from the movie Quadrophenia that gives us an idea of what it was like to be a Mod or a Rocker in those days....

You have probably heard of the Punks too. The Punks are another famous British subculture that appeared in the late 1970s. Punk was a reaction against unemployment and conservatism during the Thatcher years (when Margaret Thatcher was the British Prime Minister)
Here is a video of the most famous British punk band: the Sex Pistols

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